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General Enquiries

How many travellers will be there as part of a group tour?

The number of travellers varies depending on the destination. The usual group size for an International tour is between 40 to 50 guests and that for an Indian tour is between 30 to 40 guests. In the case of speciality tours, there are chances that the number of travelling may increase.

Can I extend my stay while on a group tour?

Yes, you can indeed extend your stay while on a group tour. This extension of stay before or after a tour would incur additional charges. You can do it by informing your travel advisor at the time of booking.

Where can I find information about all Veena World products?

The Veena World website contains all of the information about al Veena World Products and services. You can also call on the Veena World Toll Free number 1800227979 and speak to our travel advisors.

Does Veena World book only Air Tickets?

Veena World does not book only air tickets. When you a book a group tour, Veena World books the air tickets that are part of the tour. In the case of customized holidays, Veena World will book the air tickets when you decide to book a holiday package i.e. Air + Hotel/Air + Hotel + Sightseeing, etc.

Does Veena World process only VISAs?

Veena World does not do only VISAs for our guests. When you a book a group tour, Veena World acts as a facilitator for your VISA process and submits the VISA application on your behalf. In the case of customized holidays, Veena World facilitates the handling of the VISA process for a service fee. In all other cases, Veena World does not process only VISAs.

Is Veena World a passport agent?

Veena World is not a passport agent. If you would like to apply for an Indian Passport, we suggest visiting this website by the Government of India:

Does Veena World book train tickets?

Veena World is does not book train tickets with the Indian Railways. If you would like to purchase Indian Railway tickets, we suggest visiting this website by the IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation):

Where can I find the address of Veena World offices or Preferred Sales Partners?

You can find the address of Veena World offices or Preferred Sales Partners in the Contact Us section of the website. Here is the link: Contact Us

Can I join a tour midway or are part tours possible?

Part tours are possible only for select tours. Any deviations from the planned tour itinerary would incur additional charges. Should you wish to do only a part tour or extend your stay before or after a tour, you can check the possibility by informing your travel advisor at the time of booking.

Does the tour itinerary change on tour?

While on tour, the tour itinerary can change at times due to external circumstances pertaining to the airline, hotel, sightseeing, transport or due to force majeure events. In case of any such changes, guests are notified of the change on tour itself.

Can I modify or change my booking after confirmation?

Yes, in select cases, you have the option to modify your booking after confirmation. However, to do so, kindly consult your travel advisor. Any such modifications would incur additional charges.

Booking & Payment

Can I make the full payment for the tour or holiday in one go?

Yes, you can make the full payment in one go. Additionally, as a full payment benefit, you can also avail of the Jumbo Discount facility (mega discount + additional discount) that may be available on select tours.

If not paying the entire tour amount at the time of booking, what is the registration amount to be paid to book a tour?

The registration amount to be paid for the booking of a tour varies according to the price of the tour. You can find a mention of the registration amount per person under the pricing section of a product or also through your travel advisor.

Is the registration amount paid to book a tour refundable?

The registration amount paid for a tour is non-refundable.

What are the different payment modes for booking a tour?

To book a tour or holiday, you can pay by cheque/demand draft (in the name of ‘Veena Patil Hospitality Pvt Ltd’). Additionally, you can also pay by credit card/debit card/net-banking. A non-refundable convenience change of 0.5% of the transaction amount is levied on transactions done through credit card/debit card/net-banking.

Do you provide a Leave Travel Certificate (LTA/LTC) letter?

Yes, we do provide a Leave Travel Certificate for the tour. Kindly get in touch with your travel advisor to generate your LTC letter.

What should be the name in which the cheque for the tour is deposited?

Cheques/Demand Drafts used to pay for Veena World products and services should be in the name of ‘Veena Patil Hospitality Pvt Ltd’.

What documents are required at the time of booking?

At the time of booking, a valid identity proof is required:

Domestic Holiday: Aadhar Card or Voted ID

International Holiday: Valid Passport

Can I book online?

Yes, you can book a tour online at by either making the full payment and availing of Jumbo Discount (on select tours only) or by paying the registration amount.

Can I make the balance payment for my holiday online?

Yes, you can make the balance payment for your holiday by logging onto your account on You will have to create an account the first time after which you can login with your username/mobile & password.

Cancellation & Refunds

What is the cancellation policy for a group tour?

You can refer to the cancellation policy for a group tour mentioned in the Terms & Conditions on the website.

What is the cancellation policy for a customized holiday?

The cancellation policy for a customized holiday remains the same as the policy for a group tour. You can refer to the cancellation policy mentioned in the Terms & Conditions on the website.

How long does it take to process a refund?

As per policy, once approved, the refund will be processed within 7 working days. In certain cases, in case of any consideration the refund processing can take 30 to 60 days depending on the waiver decision to be received from suppliers/associates/airlines/partners etc.

What is the mode of payment in case of a refund?

Refunds if any, for cancellation/alteration/change of tour/unused refundable service will be paid directly to the guest by 'A/C payee' cheque, in Indian Rupees at the prevailing rate of exchange on the date of the cheque, as per the Reserve Bank of India Rules and Regulations, irrespective of whether the tour payments in part or whole were made in foreign currency.

What is the cancellation policy in case of a medical emergency?

In case of a medical emergency, the guest will be eligible for refund as per the Cancellation Policy and can make a claim for the cancellation charge from the travel insurance company.

What happens when Veena World i.e. the company cancels a tour?

In case of the tour being cancelled by the Company, a full refund of the amount paid by the guest will be processed within 7 working days of the cancellation of the tour. The refund will be paid by account payee cheque. Alternatively, the guest can opt to take any other tour option suggested by the Travel Advisor or can utilize the tour amount paid for any of the Company's future tour.

Foreign Exchange (FOREX)

A. Veena World selling the Currency to Guest:
  1. How can guest buy personal forex from Veena World for their tour?
    • Guest can get Personal Forex from Veena World Forex Pvt Ltd.
    • We are authorized Money Changer and have FFMC (Full Fledged Money Changer) license.
    • Guest can simply walk into any of the Veena World branches and collect the forex.
  2. Which currencies are available at Veena World Forex Pvt Ltd.?
    • Veena World Forex Pvt Ltd. deals in 11 currencies as below –

      *As per availability of currency.

  3. How much Personal Forex guest can purchase/carry while traveling abroad?
    • The maximum limit of foreign currency for a traveling abroad is USD 250000 per traveller in a single financial year, as per regulations. However, only USD 3000 of that amount can be carried as currency notes – the balance has to be in the form of prepaid forex cards. No foreign exchange is available for visit to Nepal and/or Bhutan for any purpose.
  4. In what form Veena World gives Forex to guest?
    • Veena World only gives Cash Currency to guest.
    • We do not issue Travellers Cheque / Forex Card.
  5. Once guest makes the payment, in how many days we will issue Forex to guest?
    • If guest makes the payment by CASH/Debit/Credit Card – then currency is issued on immediate basis (if guest visits any branch).
    • If guest makes the payment by CHEQUE – then currency will be handed over to guest one day after cheque clearance.
    • If guest make NEFT / Online transfer – then currency will be given by next day / once payment received by us.
  6. What are the documents guest has to submit us for buying foreign currency?

    We require following documents to sell forex to guest:

    • Valid Passport *
    • Airline ticket *
    • Pan Card *
    • Form A2
    • Residence Permit in case of Foreign Nationals only

(Note: if guest has booked the tour from Veena world then passport and air ticket is not required, as we already have a copy of it.) Documents marked * are applicable only for walk-in guests who have not yet booked tour with Veena World. For guests who have already booked with us, then above documents are not required to be submitted again, as you have already given the same at the time of booking. (except form A2, which we will give you once the forex transaction is confirmed)

B. Veena World buying Currency from Guest:
  1. What documents are required from guest, if they want to return their unused personal forex to Veena World?
    • Passport (not required for Veena World guest as we already have the copy of it)
    • Currency Purchase Receipt
    • If guest don't have Purchase Receipt then they can sign the Declaration form (which will be provided by Veena World)
  2. By what mode Veena World returns the currency to guest?
    • By Cheque or
    • Online transfer – in this case we need cancelled cheque copy of guest / photo of cancelled cheque
    • Currency is not returned in the form of Cash
  3. Is there any time frame for a traveller who has returned to India to surrender foreign exchange?
    • On return from a foreign trip, travellers are required to surrender unspent foreign exchange held in the form of currency notes within 180 days of return.
    • No coins can be exchanged coming back to India.


When will I receive the air tickets for my Group Tour?

The air tickets for group tours are blocked well in advance. The air tickets can be found in the My Bookings section of the website by logging into your account. Air tickets copies are also emailed to the guest once they are issued.

Can we web check-in after receiving the air tickets for our group tour?

For group tours, web check-in is not possible.

Can we upgrade to Business class on a group tour?

Yes, you can upgrade your ticket from Economy Class to Business/First Class at a price. Kindly inform your Travel consultant & the fare difference that needs to be paid for the upgrade will be communicated to the guest within 3 working days.

Can we request for a wheel-chair at the airport?

A wheel chair request needs to be given at the time of booking along with a medical certificate. Airline & airport policies vary around the world and at times, a wheel chair request may be chargeable.

What is the maximum baggage allowance to check-in and to carry on board?

The baggage allowance for check-in & carry on luggage varies as per the airline and class of travel. The exact allowance for your travel will be shared with you prior to your departure.

Can we select the airline to travel with for a group tour?

The airline for a group tour is selected by Veena World and the guest cannot select the airline of travel.


Can we get adjacent or interconnecting hotel rooms on tour?

Subject to availability, adjacent rooms can be arranged on tour.

Is the WIFI facility available at all the hotels?

Depending on the hotel, wi-fi services can be complimentary or chargeable. Complimentary WiFi service is available in many hotel rooms and/or the public areas of most hotels but sometimes WiFi may not be available at remote locations or some special stays.

When will we get our hotel confirmations?

You will receive hotel details 15 days prior to the tour through an auto-generated email. These confirmations are subject to change at the last minute depending on availability.

VISA & Insurance

Is travel insurance included in the Tour Price? What benefits does travel insurance offer?

Yes, travel insurance is included in the group tour price. Policy coverage and duration is based on the country and tour days.

What are the VISA procedures and what are the different documents that are required?

The VISA procedure and documentation vary for each country and is based on Consulate requirements. Veena World’s Visa Executive shall share the list of documents required for your VISA upon booking of Tour. The Guest has to submit Visa Documents as per list on the date given by Visa Executive. After the scrutiny of documents, the Visa application process is initiated. At each step of the VISA process, Veena World will communicate with the guest through SMS & email.

Will I receive any confirmation about the visa documents send by my side?

Yes. You will receive an SMS upon receipt of all documents submitted to Veena World. For VISA document files submitted directly at the Consulate a confirmation will not be sent from Veena World.

On Tour

How is the seating arrangement in the coach/bus/tempo traveller/car decided?

Seating arrangement in the coach/bus/tempo traveller/car shall be strictly as per the booking date i.e. the guest who books first will get the front most seat (excluding prime seats & seats allocated to tour managers) and so on. The seat allotment for a coach/tempo traveller shall start from seat number 5 onwards as first two seats are reserved for the tour managers & seat nos. 3 & 4 are reserved as Prime Seats.

Can we book the front seats in a coach in advance?

Yes. Seat numbers 3 & 4 are reserved as Prime Seats and can be booked in advanced at an additional cost. Prime seats are subject to availability. The company reserves the right to allocate prime seats. If you have paid for prime seat but it is not available due to any reason, the company is liable only to refund the amount paid for such a prime seat.

Do you have doctors on tour?

No, we do not employ medical personnel/doctors on tour. Any necessary medical attention must be sought for at a local facility, if available, at your own expense. The Tour Manager carries a basic first aid kit prescribed by the doctor.

Can we get a wheelchair on tour?

You have to carry your own wheelchair, if required, along with you. We do not provide a wheelchair facility on tour. At the airport, a wheelchair can be booked in advance, however it depends on availability. The airline may also charge an additional amount for such a facility.

What things or clothes to carry on tour?

Things to carry on Tour

Passport with valid visas or paper visa, Foreign Currency in form of notes/forex card/credit cards (for International tours)

ID Proof – PAN Card, Aadhar Card, Driving License (For domestic tours)

Airline ticket, Insurance Copies, Tour Itinerary, Hotel details/voucher

Accessories: Cap, hat, scarves, belts, sunglasses & case, cell phone, charger, adapter, camera, power bank, spare set of batteries, folding umbrella

Stroller bag preferably with four wheels


Footwear – comfortable sport shoes

Toiletries – Cold creams, body lotions, bath soaps, perfume, tooth brush, toothpaste

Pen, notepad & book or magazine for the journey

Clothes to carry on Tour

Comfortable Clothing - T-shirts, shirts, jeans, denims or trousers, shorts, dresses and/or skirts, punjabi suits, pyjamas/sleepwear, undergarments.

For Tours with cold weather conditions

Lightweight clothing that can be layered

Long-sleeved shirts

Woollen jacket, sweaters or pullovers

Gloves, socks, thermal wear

Can we skip sightseeings on the group tour? Will we get a refund for skipped sightseeings?

Yes, you can skip sightseeings on a group tour but you will not be entitled to claim a refund of the same as all the services are pre-booked.

What types of vehicle is provided on a group tour?

For an international tour, we arrange air-conditioned/air-cooled luxury coaches, coasters or small vehicles.

For domestic tours we arrange air-conditioned/air-cooled coaches/Non-AC coaches, tempo travellers, mini coaches, jeeps or taxies of various seating capacities depending on the type of the tour, itinerary, road conditions and number of guests, etc.

While on tour, can we keep our passport and currency with the tour manager?

You cannot keep your passport and currency with the tour manager. You are responsible for your own belongings. Tour Managers are not responsible for your baggage and they will not be held liable for any loss of your personal belongings.

Can we carry liquor bottles and cigarettes on tour?

You can carry the liquor bottles and cigarettes as per respective airline & country policy, however we have enforced a strict "no smoking" and "no alcohol" policy in the coach or when with the group.

Will we get wifi/internet connectivity on tour?

Depending on the hotel, wi-fi services can be complimentary or chargeable. Complimentary WiFi service is available in many hotel rooms and/or the public areas of most hotels but sometimes WiFi may not be available at remote locations or some special stays.

Where can we buy a sim card for the tour?

You can activate the International Calling option on your phone and use the service or can buy local sim card on arrival at the particular destination. Also there are companies like Uniconnect which provide International Sim Cards.


What type of food is served on a group tour?

Unless otherwise specified, on a group tour Indian food is served for lunch & dinner. The breakfast on tour is generally a continental breakfast. During long road/train/plane/boat journeys, preset local/fast food may be served.

Does Veena World have separate Jain/Vegetarian departures?

Veena World does not have separate Jain/Vegetarian departures. However on every tour, Veena World can provide food for Jain & Vegetarian guests (at times, under extreme circumstances, this may not be possible).

Will we get Jain food on tour?

Veena World does not have separate Jain/Vegetarian departures. However on every tour, Veena World can provide food for our Jain guests (at times, under extreme circumstances, this may not be possible). Options are limited especially on international tours considering the sector limitations.

If we are a big group, can you organise a separate vegetarian/jain departure for us?

Yes, it is possible depending on the number of people that are part of the group.

Do you provide baby/infant food on tour?

Baby food (which includes tin milk, rice and plain dal) can be made available on request.


How do I submit feedback about my experience with Veena World?

We would love to hear from you. To submit your feedback, we request you to write to us on [email protected]

Is there a contact number or hotline for feedback?

Yes, we would love to hear from you. The Veena World Guest Support number is +918879972211.

Customized Holidays

What are Customized Holidays?

Customized Holidays are holidays for the individual traveller and not a group tour. A Customized holiday is created exclusively for you and your family or friends after discussing your likes, dislikes and travel needs. Whether you are travelling in India or around the World, our team will suggest and offer the best experiences and options, design your itinerary and book all travel services for you. . Here, you can pick and choose your travel dates, the pace of your holiday, style of accommodation, transfer options like scenic train journeys, private chauffeur driven cars, self-drive cars, cruises, private jets, shared coach transfers, shuttles etc., sightseeing activities and attractions from the must-do and must-see city tours, hop-on hop-off buses, adventure activities like jet boating, hot air ballooning, skydiving etc. and experiences like cooking classes, perfume making, sunset sailing etc

What are the inclusions of the customized holidays packages on the website?

The inclusions of the customized holiday packages on the website as as follows: Transfers by Comfortable AC/Non AC coach Accommodation on twin sharing basis Sightseeing as per the package

Are all meals included in a Customized holiday?

No, Mainly Breakfast is included in the holiday. At few destinations dinners are included. Lunches and dinners are not included as you get a chance to try local cuisine. List of Indian restaurants can be provided on request

Is the air ticket, visa, insurance included in the Customized holidays packages on the website?

No, Price is based on land package only. We can help you to book your air tickets, visa, insurance at an additional price as per your choice of airlines and class of travel.

Is there any minimum number of guest required for a Customized holidays?


Can we get a Veena World tour manager on a customized holiday?

Yes, on request and as per the availability, a Veena World Tour Manager can be accompany the guests on a customized holiday for a price.

What is a Holiday Design Fee (HDF) and when is it applicable?

Our team has created many suggested itineraries for your individual travel. In case, you do not choose the readymade holiday options on our website and would like us to tailor-make your holiday itinerary specifically for you, a Holiday Design Fee(HDF) will be applicable. HDF is charged as our team has to find all relevant information and create the holiday itinerary exclusively for you. This is a non -refundable fee of INR 1500 (inclusive of GST) per India Enquiry and INR 3000 (inclusive of GST) per World Enquiry & This fee will be adjusted in the booking amount if you book your holiday within 30 working days from the date of receiving HDF amount.

Why does Veena World charge a Holiday Design Fee (HDF)?

HDF is applicable where the enquiry has specific customisations and readymade packages are not available on website. As the Veena World team has to work on the itinerary, find all relevant information and design a complete product from scratch, the fee is charged for the time invested in designing the same.

Is the Holiday Design Fee (HDF) refundable?

The Holiday Design Fee is non-refundable.

What is the cancellation policy for a Customized holiday?

If Guest decides to cancel the tour for any reason whatsoever then s/he shall give a written application to the Company within specified time limit along with original receipt issued by the Company. Cancellation charges will be calculated on your Holiday Price and it is based on the date of tour cancellation and services booked such as Air tickets issued on special fare , certain hotel reservations, cruises bookings are non refundable and full cancellation applicable.

Do Customized holidays have a price guarantee (price committed at the time of booking)?

The price committed to you at the time of booking will be honoured. In case of unavailability of your preferred services we will try to accommodate or book alternate services in the same price. However, if those hotels and other services are unavailable, sold out or you upgrade any services additional price will be applicable.

What are the documents required for a Customized holiday?

ID proof- Domestic tour (voter ID, driving license), Passport - International

How to book the ready customized packages on the website?

Online by visiting our website or by visiting the nearest Veena World branch office, PSP or by calling on the toll free number 1800 22 7979.

After booking, when will we get a confirmation of services and the vouchers for our holiday?

Upon making full payment and overall service confirmations, vouchers shall be issued within 15 days of receiving full payment. In case of last minute bookings vouchers will be handed over 3 days prior to the departure.


Before our tour, when will we get our pre-departure details?

The guest will receive their pre-departure tour details 10 days prior to their tour.

When will we get to know the name of our tour manager?

The tour manager’s name will be shared 10 days prior to a tour. Under unavoidable circumstances, the Tour Manager may change in the days leading up to the tour.

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